Why We're Different

Kid-Friendly Dentistry Sets the Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy and Happy Smiles!

At Smart Mouth Pediatric Dentistry, we love helping little smiles grow up healthy and strong.

Being entrusted with your child’s dental health means the world to the team at Smart Mouth. As mothers, they understand you want only the best for your little one: a full and happy life, success in their pursuits, and lots of love and laughter. You also want them to be healthy, confident, and empowered to care for their oral and overall health.

Dr. Lansden and her team share that same desire. We consider every child who comes to our office to be part of our family; we are dedicated to treating each with the greatest kindness, patience, and compassion. They are not just another patient to us. Instead, we care for and appreciate them for the dynamic, energetic individual they are!

What’s Different at Smart Mouth Pediatric Dentistry?

We see only children – from infants through kids, teens, and those with special health, developmental, and emotional needs – and have created a practice that caters to them. From a kid-friendly reception area with minimal wait times to a patio with bird and squirrel feeders to watch during cleanings, we make dental visits fun!

  • We believe every kid should love coming to the dentist! Early childhood experiences can have a lasting impact – positive or negative – which can affect a child well into adulthood. With painless care, and a nurturing and encouraging environment, we help each child feel at ease in the dental space. Our doctors and staff have special training in how to help nervous kids relax: you’ll find us chatting about superheroes and princesses, or asking about a favorite pet. When kids know that we are listening to them, that we care, they feel safe and that creates a positive association with dentistry.
  • We love getting to know each child and watching them grow up! It is rewarding to be part of a little one’s life and to see each personality blossom during their time with us. We love hearing about a kid’s latest adventures (or misadventures!), what they’re learning at school, how they plan to spend their vacation – all of these glimpses into what’s important to the child are endearing. They also help us understand where they are at, developmentally, and how we can best meet their needs.
  • We design visits around each child’s unique concerns! Every child is cared for as an individual. That means understanding their clinical and emotional needs, providing painless treatment, and ensuring care that works for them. That might mean seeing the child in a certain room with specific accommodations, like dimmed lights, or giving them a fidget toy, headphones, or weighted blanket, or offering sedation as needed. We will do everything we can to ensure a positive, smile-filled visit – at each and every visit!

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Please contact Smart Mouth Pediatric Dentistry, in Waco, to learn more and schedule an appointment for your child. Dr. Lansden and our team look forward to welcoming you and your little one to our smile care family. Working with you and your child, we’ll set the foundation for a lifetime of health and happy smiles!

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