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A Lifetime of Healthy, Happy Smiles!

A child’s early dental experiences have a lasting impact on their feelings about dentistry.

It is essential that every visit be painless, worry-free, and filled with laughter, praise, and encouragement. With positive experiences, children learn that seeing the dentist is nothing to fret about, and they grow up feeling confident in their smile – and keeping it healthy!

At Smart Mouth Pediatric Dentistry, PLLC, Dr. Amanda Trotter and our team offer a welcoming, safe, and kid-friendly environment, where every child is treated like family. We treasure each child’s uniqueness and empower them as they develop into young adults with smiles that reflect their wonderful personality!

What’s Different at Smart Mouth Pediatric Dentistry?

  • We partner with parents! Every family has specific concerns and goals for their child’s oral health. Instead of dictating certain treatments, we take time to learn what you do and do not want for your little one and then discuss the options that will deliver the results you are seeking. We know that by working closely with you, your child will have the best dental experiences and feel positive about taking care of their smile!
  • We are family-friendly! Our office has been designed so everyone feels at home: children and adults. Throughout the office we have puzzles, books, toys, and child-appropriate movies, while you are welcome to enjoy a free coffee bar, current magazines, and educational materials. During treatment, we provide various levels of distraction in order to keep children occupied, including weighted blankets, relaxing music, and multiple levels of safe sedation.
  • We offer ethical, honest dental care! You need to know your child is in safe, responsible hands and that the treatment they receive is appropriate for their needs. We will always discuss procedures with you, explaining what will happen, why we feel this approach is necessary, treatment options, and the expected results. If you have questions or concerns about any recommendation, please ask: we are committed to transparency and an open, honest dialogue.
  • We build lasting relationships! Every visit is an opportunity for us to strengthen the connections between your child, Dr. Trotter, Dr Bunch and our team, and you. We thrive on those relationships and value the time we have with one another. Sharing stories and laughter, engaging with you and your child, and forging bonds that go beyond provider and patient, keep us excited to come to the office each day!

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Dr. Trotter and our team look forward to welcoming your little one – and you – to our dental family. Please contact our Waco, TX pediatric dental office for more information and schedule a visit, today!